A story about STRUGGLE

The Story of a Rock is a poignant film depicting the journey of a teenage girl forced into servitude when her mother migrates abroad for work. It sheds light on pressing social and human rights issues impacting women and children, highlighting their plight as victims of circumstances beyond their control.

A story about resilience

It’s a tale of survival and resilience. Despite facing numerous life struggles, the young teenage girl triumphs and perseveres. While encountering antagonistic characters, it’s the interplay of good and evil within us that ultimately empowers the girl to rise again and move forward, highlighting the enduring strength and resilience within.


While not directly based on a true story, this film draws inspiration from various events, the writer’s own life experiences, encounters with people, and observations over the years. The narrative is a reflection of the struggles and triumphs faced by the working-class women and children in Bangladesh. It doesn’t mirror a specific true account but is grounded in the amalgamation of real-life elements.

The writer harbored a longstanding desire to explore the lives of these women, unraveling their predicaments, woes, and afflictions. The motivation behind this exploration lay in understanding how individuals find themselves in disparate roles—some as kings and others as slaves.

However, the initial pursuit of this complex theme threatened the feasibility of production, risking the script becoming entangled in intricate issues.

Recognizing the need for simplicity and relatability, the writer, director and producers shifted their focus towards a more manageable and straightforward plot, guiding the audience through the life and challenges of a young girl and her family. In this pivot, “The Story of a Rock” found its form.

By streamlining the narrative, the writer aimed to create a more accessible and impactful storytelling experience, allowing the essence of the characters’ journey to take center stage. Months of collaboration with US-based talents in post-production, spanning editing, color grading, and original music composition, resulted in a distinctive style that enriches our visual storytelling.